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Electrical Costing Estimates

Contract Review – Assure minimal risk and positive economic payback by examining legal, financial and regulatory requirements.
-Procurement Services – Generation of specifications and bid documents, bid review, purchase order generation, and expediting.
-Construction Management – Supervision and performance monitoring of installation testing, and commissioning manpower of all construction disciplines.
-Quality Control and Assurance - Assure compliance with industry standards as well as pertinent regulatory standards.
-Equipment Installation and Test – Development of procedures and practices.

Capital Asset Management (CAM)
Personnel Training
Manuals and Documentation
Testing and Calibration
Field Evaluations and Surveys
Energy Audits
Neomatech is equipped to help power providers and industrial customers with an array of operations and maintenance services including training and/ or performing start-up, commissioning, performance testing, preventive maintenance, and calibration services.

Planning - Standard planning services include Long Range Plans, Construction Work Plans, Power Requirements Studies, and Sectionalizing Studies. We can prepare Work Plan Amendments on short notice. Specialized studies include those such as Feasibility and Reliability Studies, Power Flow Studies, Fault Studies, Capacitor Requirements, and Regulator Requirements. In the preparation of the studies, we can use your calculations, our calculations, or a combination of the two. Our goal is to provide you with flexible and useable studies. We want to prepare studies that are useful, “living” documents, not books languishing on shelves gathering dust.

Field Work
Neomatech offers a broad range of fieldwork services for all type of electrical infrastructure. With its record in power we are able to offer industrial customers with an array of field services including startup, commissioning, performance testing, preventive maintenance, and calibration services.

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