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High Voltage Electrical Testing

The ability to predict or prevent system deficiencies is often the difference between the efficient, reliable operation of our electrical system.
Power quality and reliability can have a dramatic impact on cash flow, production schedules and the overall performance of our operation or facility. We have a proven history of reliability based upon predictive, preventive, and emergency maintenance solutions.  These solutions are devised and performed by some of the most experienced and competent technicians in the industry.
Our optimized maintenance strategy features solutions that are cost effective, manageable, and designed to significantly improve the reliability and safety of your system. Our comprehensive technical services include:
Complete Electrical Power System Maintenance & Repair • Infrared Thermography • Breaker/Relay Retrofits, Testing & Upgrades • Start-up/Commissioning/Acceptance Testing • Grounding System Testing • Protective Relay Calibration • Cable Testing • Battery Testing • Transformer Oil Testing/Analysis/Processing • Double Insulation Power Testing Switchgear & Motor Control Maintenance • Hi Pot Testing • Corona Detection Testing - Power Testing. 24- Hour Emergency Service.

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