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Electrical Service Analysis

Since our founding in previous years, we have been your source for complete electrical power distribution services in Kenya. From emergency electrical repairs, testing, and maintenance of new or used electrical distribution equipment, to sub-station start-up services, relay calibration, switchgear and circuit breaker upgrade and rebuilding services. We also provide power system studies, as well as power quality services - we can solve your power related issues.
Neomatech has the resources available for all your electrical distribution system needs. A company owned number of equipments service and repair facility and some of the most sophisticated equipment in the industry are ready to serve you. Our in house shop services include fabrication and design, rebuilding and retrofitting services, as well as, complete repair and maintenance services. Our technical capabilities include switchgear testing and maintenance, upgrade and design services, power system studies, harmonic and disturbance analysis, one-line diagrams and more...
Our objective has always been to provide prompt professional and technical assistance for evaluation, repairs, upgrades, and maintenance of electrical distribution apparatus. We strive to ensure safe and reliable operation of equipment for plant and maintenance personnel, and to improve overall power quality by identifying and correcting system deficiencies.
Neomatech Limited. Provides a full range of new updated Area electrical power services; from routine maintenance and electrical testing, all the way to complete switchgear rebuilding and upgrade services. Electrical Engineering has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to meet any of your electrical power distribution needs. For oil-filled transformers, we can test and analyze, repair fluid leaks, analyze the dielectric fluid for routine quality screen tests or dissolved gas analysis. We also provide complete high voltage repair services, including cable testing and splicing services, high voltage switchgear testing, repairs, and more.
Our experienced and trained professionals are ready to answer all your questions and provide you with the services and equipment you require. We provide a full range of circuit breaker services, switchboard modification and control wiring, as well as switchgear and motor protection upgrades. Our engineering technicians repair, rebuild, and test all types and styles of medium and low voltage switchgear and related apparatus.

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