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CADD & Manual Drafting

With more than a decade of combined experience in a wide range of architectural and engineering disciplines, the Neomatech Service Department’s mission is to execute timely and cost-effective solutions that result to clients’ gaining a distinct advantage in their businesses.                                        
Our philosophy:
“A good CAD Service Bureau is one which does not only offer lesser in-house cost services, but also a service which guarantees the highest quality.  Its effectiveness’s is the best alternative in the utilization of TIME, COST and RESOURCES”
We provide the right tools as well as support for our clients’ engineering efforts.  Thus, we are pleased to present some of the basic services that we offer:
Utilizing various conversion methods, we scan and convert our clients’ manual drawings and blue prints into CAD files. With our system that quickly shows the revised drafts through digitized drawings, we spend less time converting drawings thus, allowing our clients to have more time utilizing them.
Our data conversion service does not only reduce our clients’ overhead costs and increase their profits with quick turn-around time but also eliminates the need for our clients to spend more in software and trainings.
Design visualization is no longer a luxury. We produce detailed drawings of building and floor plans, elevations, perspective, site development plans and visualization with consistent high quality result at a shorter lead-time.
GIS Mapping and Data Buildup
We can convert your old or existing paper maps into CAD files that may fall under the categories of thematic, environmental, utility and parcel maps. We can also integrate our Data Conversion Service with Geographic Information Systems to build up and meet your specialized mapping and analysis requests.
Whether it is a 2D or 3D Mechanical Design, we carry out work as per our clients’ specified standards and code. We also do 3D modeling, detailed drawing, isometrics and assemblies, which are often used in design presentations, catalogs, sales literature, and on the shop floor.
For our clients’ electrical data conversion needs, we accept electrical site plans, diagrams, panel layouts, schematic drawings, wire lists, bills of material and terminal plans.
With the growing pressure to produce results in a short period of time, it is sometimes crucial to look for experienced manpower and on-site support for a project.  Our On-site services supplies you with engineers, designers or draftsmen, together with the necessary tools and equipment needed to get your projects completed on time.
Ease of reproduction, security, and prevention of loss and damage to information are significant reasons to scan or archive important documents.   For better document management, we can scan and print engineering drawings, maps, site plans, survey reports and other large documents from A4 to A0 sizes.
We also cater to the printing requirements of the Engineering, Manufacturing and Graphic Design firms including large-format drawings such as maps, floor plans and posters.  We deliver high quality output printed on HP Large-format printer and on various types of paper.
We provide Solid modeling services for assembly modeling, installation and space planning.  With Solid modeling, multiple perspectives and various physical properties are applied allowing you to view the practicality and effectiveness of the proposed design.This service will save you both time and money by detecting design problems before a prototype is ever built.
We provide high quality and impressive illustrations of your project through our Rendering Services.  Give more life to your design.  All the aesthetics and external factors will be considered such as color, texture, lights and shadows to give you a clear picture of your model.
3D PRINTING (Rapid prototyping)
3Dimensional Printing (Rapid Prototyping) is a process for rapid and flexible production of prototype parts of any geometry for Architectural, Industrial, Mechanical, and Medical, Educational and even in GIS (Geographic Information System) from a CAD model.
3D Printing functions by building parts in layers.  From a computer (CAD) model of the desired part, a slicing algorithm draws details information for every layer.
This service help our clients gain a thorough foresight of the project. Model production for architecture and space planning in a variety of digital formats and levels of detail may be developed to meet the client's specific requirements for presentation and project review.
Our Auto LISP Programming Service can dramatically boost your AutoCAD productivity.  We can automate your repetitive tasks using specially developed tools created for your company’s need.
We assist clients in recommending or developing the necessary tools to speed up work and improve quality through programming and customization, including engineering design process and analysis.

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