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Why us

Statement of Experience
The working experience of our individual consultants put together consolidate into decades of excellence experience blended together by carrying out assignments as a team and team and drawing on each other expertise and experiences
As company, we have carried a large number of projects in diverse areas of electrical engineering some of which include.
•    Lighting - Interior and Exterior
•    Power Distribution Systems
•    Fire Alarm Systems
•    Structured Cabling
•    Control Systems
•    Short Circuit Analysis
•    Emergency Power Systems
•    Power Factor Correction
•    Life Safety Systems Design
•    High Voltage Electrical Systems
•    Boiler installation and services
•    Electric Heating
•    Equipment Wiring/Control
•    Electrical Service Analysis e.t.c
•    Data centre Design and Build
•    Technical Specifications Writing
•    Communications Systems
•    Signaling Systems
•    Music/Public Address Systems
•    Telephone/Data Cabling
•    CADD & Manual Drafting
•    Large Drawing Reproduction.

- We will achieve excellence by continually upgrading our technical knowledge and skills, and by applying innovative thought to each unique project.
- We will strive to use the resources of our clients in a cost-effective manner, as if all expenses were our own.
- We will seek an appropriate balance between initial capital cost and ongoing operational expense for the electrical facilities we engineer.
- We believe that the professionalism and integrity of our people are our most important assets.
- We consider the contractors who install our work as valuable partners who deserve our support and respect.
- We will complete our projects to the best of our abilities, on time and within budget.
- We will contribute actively to the communities in which each of us live and work. Finally, and most importantly, we will treat others, as we like to be treated, with trust and respect

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